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The photographs have been with us for many years and serve as a diary of our own lives. Helping our mind to remember important moments or people is never over and with the passage of time we would appreciate having something tangible that moves us years ago.

The photographs are much more than memories, they can be works of art in themselves or simply have a special meaning for us.

That is why using them in the decoration of our house is no nonsense. The photographs dress our walls personalizing our house with a small part of us. Knowing how to distribute the images can help us achieve the style we want in our home, and if we look a little we find multiple possibilities.


Interior Design

Today we want to show you 22 different ways to decorate with photographs, surely more than one serves as an inspiration and you put it into practice.

This idea is special for those large walls, of large dimensions and for which you think there is no decorative use.

While these walls serve to take advantage of the space and place resources on them that allow it to be sorted, it is also true that with a large canvas this type of wall will transmit a very special style.

The symmetry is a very special decoration element, which also allows to provide a good feeling.

Decorative objects organized with symmetry give balance to the spaces, but not only are they statuettes or furniture, with the photos you can do it.

So make a decoration with photos formed with symmetry and you will give a good style to your home.

Sequence photos are another way to make a good decoration, as this photograph shows:

We have already given you an idea to make decoration with black and white photos, however we have another one that will be appropriate for you.

Types of Lighting in Photography

It’s about combining the photos with lights. Remember that light is another element of interior decoration that allows you to style the spaces.

So combine the black and white photos with a good play of lights and you will achieve an excellent effect.

A disruptive effect would be this, an innovative design that will cause a different sensation, as it is something no one expects.

It is like a mosaic, or how to cut several magazines and with each piece go putting together a puzzle to our liking.

You can do that with several photographs, and in the end the decoration will be very original.

Colors are key to decoration, but it’s not just about painting the walls properly to achieve a style.

The colors of the decorative objects are also fundamental, getting them to combine with each other causes a sense of harmony that makes the decoration successful.

Ideas for Displaying Pictures on Walls

So if you want to make a decoration with photos you can take into account several photos whose colors combine with each other, and also with the space in general.

Rather than framing the photo, it would be to frame a space under the glass.

Whenever we think about decorating the house with a photo, we have the walls in mind, and we wonder which of the walls would look best with the photos.

But why not frame the doors with photographs? You can make interesting visual effects. And speaking of doors, one option is the bathroom door.

Acrylic Pictures

Photo Collage

Decorating this door with photographs gives you possibilities to create a comic atmosphere for that kind of space.

What would you think if you enter a bathroom and you find the door decorated in the way shown below?

Continuing with the theme of the doors, why not decorate the refrigerator door? You can also play with the affects you want to cause and to choose original photographs.

Making collages with photographs is a useful craft for various purposes.

In the case of decoration, collages are very appropriate for different styles and environments. So you can make a collage with pictures to decorate and frame it to hang it on a wall.

Thinking big always results. In those wide spaces you cannot simply settle for making a collage, or putting a small photograph on the wall. You need to provide a balance, and a giant collage might be quite appropriate.

This decoration with photos can be very useful at Christmas and at times and festive situations. Color the decoration style of your walls or the entire space.

Photo Decoration on Wall

This type of decoration will provide a very special and interesting visual effect. It will surely arouse the curiosity of many, since it is about framing many paintings and each one with different photographs.

It is not very difficult to make a clock with photographs, and it will result in an original and at the same time useful decorative object.

You just have to choose the wall where you will place the clock, a current clock system and photographs as the location of each number that expresses hour and minute.

You will think that bookmarks are not an object to decorate interior spaces. You just need a little imagination. Choose the photographs you will use to crop and convert bookmarks.

In the end you will have these useful markers for your reading times, but you can group several and paste them on a wall, or on a canvas and frame it to put it on a wall.

This is the last idea of ​​decoration with photos that we present to you. A hanging frame also teaches the spaces. You can choose a branch of any tree whose texture is ideal for the interior decoration style you have chosen.

Did you think of decorating your house with photographs? Now that we all carry a camera equipped on our mobile phone, we are lucky to be able to save our best moments.

Narcissistic selfies, group photos, beautiful images of sunsets, wonderful feelings forever trapped in our digital album.

Uploading them to social networks is a good option, but why not take advantage of these extraordinary memories to decorate our house? All the crafts presented in this list are easy to perform and are an ideal project to do as a family.

Interior Designs

Rustic Home Decor

 Whether you use an old staircase or if you decide to build it yourself using natural wood, this project will serve both to show your special moments and to give your home a rustic style. The ladder can rest on a corner or hang directly on the wall.

And how am I going to be able to cut slate at home? You may be wondering. It is very easy, using paint.

Slate paint is a fantastic ally for this type of crafts because it allows you to customize the surfaces with chalk without having to resort to traditional slate, a more expensive and difficult to work material.

Design your own Picture

To make this composition you just need to paint some simple frames and join them with a colorful string using pushpins or hot silicone. To finish off the set choose a hanger of your liking that combines with your decoration.

The collage of photos is a fantastic idea, since it looks like a huge picture but in reality they are just several glued photographs glued on a background of pen cardboard.

Circular tubes of toilet paper, kitchen rolls, fabrics and others can be recycled to create these great circular compositions. They are really colorful and look great.

If you do not like their natural tone you can paint them to your liking using your favorite colors.

I hope you find some of these Ideas

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