White Balance & Photographic

White Balance & Photographic

When we balance white color in our camera, it will help us to obtain more pure, original colors, decreasing the saturation of predominant colors in our photos, achieving at the same time that black is as natural as possible.

The recommended way is that you are always aware of the scenario since the configuration of the white color depends on the environment; for example, dark scenarios where black predominates may give you reddish or blue skin effects depending on the setting you have given to your camera.

White Balance & Kelvin Color

Our camera’s sensor does not yet have the capacity to self-regulate as human eyes usually do.

Knowing the balance of colors in general is extremely important when we want to achieve exceptional photographs, it is not taking pictures to take them, although we are lucky many times, all scenarios involve planning.

Not necessarily, the target must be very white, if we want to take different types of photos with certain sunny or winter colors, the decompensation of the white can also help us achieve those cold blues or those reddish afternoons.

White Balance Card

Taking into account and knowing how to manipulate the colors of our camera gives us an infinite advantage. For example you can find a stage where dead gray predominates, and you want to achieve a day as natural as possible, you just have to adjust your white balance where it predominates the bluish white and you will notice how the pastel hue of the water and the green recover part of their vitality within your scene.

Another example, the white color has a temperature of 5,500 Kelvin on a sunny day at twelve o’clock in the day giving us a reddish hue, and the closer the night approaches the tonality will be bluer.

Set Your Camera

Something that helps us a lot in sunny days to balance the white is to use flash, since the light of the flash partially neutralizes the reddish tone that often leaves on the skin. As well as the light that our sensor will read as well as the speed that let us say our camera influences, but in a more passive way.

The edition can help you a lot with the white of certain colors, but you will have a limited scope, losing the freedom of editing in many aspects.

Here we have some videos that will illustrate more carefully.

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