Composition and Photographs


Composition and Formats

To achieve a good photo there are several factors that must go in unison. One of them is its composition that within it carries others, such as the law of thirds. Know what image format we will choose, whether it is a 3 x 2 or a 4 x 3, a panoramic 16 x 9,

The harmony of colors or variety of tones although the photo is in black and white, keep in mind that there must be a balance within the scenario.

Composition and Photographs

Within the composition we must choose a point that will be the focus of attention where all the lines go harmoniously with that point. Do not forget that you will be the one who guides the observer through these lines so that they reach that focal point. A small trick that has always worked for me is to choose a line as a reference and from it I start to elaborate my composition.

Another point to consider is the flow of energy that creates the illusion of movement depending on the type of photo. For example the diagonal lines are considered generally more dynamic, while the horizontal and vertical lines are considered more static, a careful balance of static elements and dynamic will give a balanced sense in the movement.


Movement and Composition

Something that enriches a photograph depending on the composition are the plans or the dimensional creation of a scenario highlighting three different planes at the same time. The three dimensions in most cases bring harmony and balance within a scenario within the imaginative action.

The curves in (S) are a very recurrent element in photography. It is related to sensuality. They also project movement and help to drive the look.

Photographic Rules

There is an old photographic proverb that says groups are very important in a photograph and will always be 1, 3. 5, 8 or 13.

I think that with this information you have enough for today, if you want to go deeper into the composition, you should look for more information about the Visual weights of an Image. Learn to play with the point of attention within a distraction, complementary, and editing.

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