Modeling and Photography


Modeling and Photography

 Hi … Something very common that we find ourselves in the world of photography is that famous phrase “I am not photogenic”. As if the ability to look good in a photo is only due to chance, beauty, or being photogenic. Well, no, it’s not like that, although it seems silly, it’s all due to the work and interest that you lend to your corporal expression.

The muscular, energetic, and personal coordination at the personality level is what makes the difference.

Body Expression

And what does our body expression have to do with a good picture? Well, the lens is only a teleport of images; it is not a magician, it is not a box where magic is done, although I recognize it. There is only something magical in the edition, not to say enough.

What I share with you today is only based on my experience as a photographer and has given me very good results.


The most common

The most common thing I’ve heard is, “Why am I so unsuitable as a model?”, and my response has been “I do not know, but the best pictures I’ve taken have been when I’m not looking at the camera, or I’m distracted.” No, when I’m upset, when I’m two drinks in and thus endless theories that apparently have no relationship within them, we find the answer; and I say, “I think the answer is you, or rather you have given them yourself”, and “how is that?” they ask.

There are people who are born with the gift of acting and are great models. Because for modeling you have to have a much defined control of what is body expression. There are others who were not born with that gift for different reasons, and a lot of work is reached to be great within the field of modeling.

Mirror Technique

Another aspect very marked is the beauty in which that instead of helping sometimes goes against us, and why against? Because we trust and do not make enough effort to achieve the objective.

 Well to set aside so much introduction and find beneficial solutions we will get to the point.

 Separating ourselves from modeling and concentrating on what photography is, I will tell you that every person can achieve for a spectacular or pleasant photo for them, and how can I do it?

It is achieved through work with oneself. There is a very old method, and that is the technique of the mirror that serves us for a numerous of applications, but it will help us incredibly with the corporal expression, and it is achieved very easy.


Control Facial Movements

You stand in front of the mirror and try to see yourself in the most appropriate or pleasing way for you. Memorize that expression muscularly and mentally, give it a name, and repeat it for several days and you will be surprised by the result. This same technique can be applied to facial expressions, most important, since a good photo begins with the eyes and lips.

 The most advisable to do the facial technique is to try to completely relax the face, so that our nervous system can read clearly what we want to express. 99% of the cases when we relax our face we are surprised of what we see, it is as if for the first time we see how we really like to see each other, but that’s another story.

Two Lessons per Week

You do not want to memorize more than two exercises in one day, since you will only achieve more confusion. Try to work a week with a maximum of two exercises and when you have it memorized you start with the rest.

 Each exercise you must repeat a minimum of forty days so that the subconscious memorizes it and makes it natural. 

Do not kid yourself, if you’re interested in expressing who you really want to be in your photographs, this is not a minute’s work. Everything you want to achieve involves work and dedication, remember that beauty is very relative when she faces something called personality.  

I hope that what I said before will help you, it’s worth it.

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