Cooph Works

Cooph Works

Today I will share with you some of my most important pillars in the world of photography, without fear of being mistaken, I would say better known as Cooph.

Cooph is something like the main academy in the world of photography. Where they have dedicated themselves to creating a series of short videos, sharing their knowledge in the world of photography. Honestly, I am more than certain of those who apply, only fifty percent of what they show may be considered a photographer.

The Best Tips

I tell you that many of my photographic tricks, I learned with Cooph. They show you from a simple photo to the most complex, from a composition to an action shot.

You will learn to use the camera of your Smartphone in an incredible way in achieving almost perfect shots, where many will not know if the photo was taken with a Cell or a professional camera.

They will show you how to create a scenario from nothing. With household materials, often disposable, you will discover how the effect of colors can give different touches to a scene or photograph.

Occurring, Versatile and Ingenious

In our shop we also do photography with advertising themes, and the contribution that Cooph has given us is incredible.

Today I will try not to write so much and show more through this video group where I will offer you the Cooph channel on YouTube below.

With that, I leave you there and enjoy, by the way if you subscribe on their channel, you will receive your updates.

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