Photographic and Depth of Field

Photographic and Depth of Field

The knowledge and application of photographic plans and the fields are one of the most important points in the field of photography. Since this goes hand in hand with the composition, third of the screen, and the most important, the focus of attention.

Cinematography as such is faithfully based on the planes to indicate different aspects of a scene driving the viewers within a plot.

Common Shot

The most common planes are close-up, portrait, half body, and full body

Depth consists of the differentiation of a focus point having certain sharpness in front, behind, or in both cases.

What provides this magic in our camera is the opening and zooming, creating a contrast of definition between the focal point and the rest of the answer.

Knowing how to manipulate the planes and depth of field in different types of photos gives us spectacular photographic shots.

Harmonic and Complementation

Later I will show you a series of videos that will explain more accurately how to prepare our camera for different types of shots.

Remember that a good photo is a compound that complements a harmony between the different rules that apply, for example today I only mention two of those photographic aspects.

The current photography is very competitive in any field. I have colleagues who do wonders with their cell phones, from photography to videos.

Phones and Printing

Many times we are surprised in our store where we make prints of Photos in Glass, Acrylic or Canvas, when a client gives us an image taken with his Cell and asks us for a print of 40 “x 30” and we see that the image is perfect.

We hope that the videos below illustrate them much more

Thank you

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