How to protect the Sensor of my Camera


Common Mistakes

There are a series of errors that we ignore that influence the image quality of our photographs where we then have to waste time editing those small dark marks that appear in the images.

The first and most common error is when we change the lens, something that many of us do without thinking about the subsequent consequences. Next I will show you how to do it in a correct manner.

– Look for an area or place where there are no wind currents. This will prevent the dust that is in the environment from adhering to the lens or the sensor.

How to Change a Lens Correctly

– Each lens always needs its protection on both sides, the front and most importantly, the one that connects to the camera.

– Each time you disconnect a lens, the camera must be facing down so we reduce the risk of something entering and contaminating the sensor.

– When we rotate the lens we must do it quickly and make sure that the new lens has been installed correctly.

– The lens that has been removed should be covered quickly with their respective protectors preventing contamination, because if it gets dirty, it could contaminate the camera when we put it back.


How to protect the Sensor of my Camera

Another common mistake is to expose our camera in places with extreme cold or hot temperatures, and trust us, because we have a very professional backpack, that only protects in certain cases.

For example, if we make the mistake of leaving our camera in a cold or warm environment. We have the patience to acclimatize it, partially opening the backpack so that the change in temperature does not produce condensation or haze inside the camera, since these spots are the harder to erase from the Sensor.

Final Step

I assure you that if you follow these councils that I have offered, the sensor of your camera will thank you infinitely. Do not forget that what is best for your camera is your Sensor.

In the next comment I will give you some guidelines on how to clean the camera’s sensor in a safe way.

Video illustration

Next I’ll show you a video on how to change a lens correctly, without our sensor being at risk of contamination.

I hope this information can help you efficiently to take better pictures.

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