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Why apggraphics.com?


Why apggraphics.com?

If you want your photos or images to look extra radiant, with vivid colors, with an incomparable resolution, and assurance for best durability, you should consider what we tell you next.

How we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition.

We do not print directly to glass or acrylic, and why not? It is simple and then I will show you the big differences.

Real Color

The first, fundamentally is that the directly printing on glass or acrylic lacks pure white, which leaves you with colder colors, muted, lacking the natural or real color.

Second, to be able to print on such a crystalline base without adsorption you must apply a primer so that the ink can adhere to the surface, reducing almost 40% of image resolution, resulting in low image quality.

Third, direct printing loses its elasticity over time, resulting in the ink tending to crack or split after drying.


Advantages of lamination

The images printed in an absolute white, and therefore the colors are perfectly balanced.

The lamination ensures the best appearance, since the resolution you have in the image will be the same as that which is going to be laminated to the glass or acrylic, for this reason all galleries only show their printing works in glass or acrylic lamination.

Vivid Color & Resolution

Our printers are of eight colors, ensuring one of the most varied ranges of colors at present.

Our images are printed on a special synthesized paper while remaining paper, ensuring you perfect targets, elasticity, resistance to moisture and endless advantages.

I can only assure you that if you are looking for a lasting image, with real, vivid elements, with an excellent resolution, with a wider variety of colors, I advise you to consider what has been said before.

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