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How to take perfect photos


How to take perfect photos

The excellence in photography is something very suggestive; it depends on the style of photo, setting, or the intention of it without leaving aside the factor of the right moment.

Many times, colleagues come up to me and ask me how I can achieve certain colors in places that are apparently colorless or lacking in colors. That according to the environmental scenography the gray predominates, dimming the colors, they see.

Types of Photos

Moreover, I tell them that the luck factor is not the cause. That you have to consider certain aspects, one of them is the time of day, the angle of light, the stage, and its composition; taking several shots with different settings according to the type of photo.

There is a type of exercise that I recommend that often and always gives me excellent results. For example when I go on a trip or go to a specific place for a certain type of scenario that has always caught my attention, I consider all the above aspects incorporating certain nuances that go according to my photography style.


Your Talent

Remember that we are taking an identical photo, no matter how excellent it may be, we must recognize the talent of others but at the same time, we have to make our initiative and creativity flow within so much information.

Many times I dare to do things in photography that many consider nonsense, but I am one of those who believe that not daring is to waste a chance to learn something new.

Do not feel bad

What has helped me in photography is to observe other colleagues, decipher them, learn from them, and see where a limitation may complement new possibilities. Do not feel bad if your picture today does not attract the attention of many people, maybe you are the precursor of a future style.

Even the very entropy has space in the world of photography, therefore, separate the whim of innovation and let your mind fly. You will be surprised how great you could be, we all have a way of perceiving the world, and do not let other people’s speeches limit your way of looking at it.

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