Black and white prints

Photos black and white prints

The black and white prints limits us before many scenarios, since the colored photo having such a variable range and entertaining us with different scenarios.

There are also other types of techniques and exhibitions where the black and white photo is not efficient, because of the aforementioned.

However, its limitation of colors is its strong part before the color photo. And how can something that limits you be its strong point? Well here are the advantages of black and white photo versus color photography.

Black and white prints

Each photograph contains a story in the eyes of an observer or its own composer. For example; one of its advantages is that when the complexity of colors disappears, the observer would concentrate all his attention on the narrative or history of it, since we would omit that he correlated the narrative with the colors.

In short, it is like taking a mathematical equation of 24 steps and simplifying it to just two, guiding the observer to where we really want, away from any distractions.

Accentuates the real within the unreal

Another of its great advantages is the dramatization of features, scenarios, and certain types of compositions, not to mention the fundamentals. The black and white photo owns the two matrix colors, black and white.

Therefore, do not be afraid of the black and white photo because it may be sectario and may separate you from modernism, on the contrary, it always finds space in all kinds of fashion and scenery.

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