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Decorating with Glass Photo Printing


Decorating with Glass Photo Printing

Below I will show you a series of tricks on how to achieve a harmonized space with our Glass Printing or Acrylic Glass Prints.

First of all we must know the range of colors that are consistent with the wall color, furniture, etc. These are easy to find since on the internet we will find color bars that are in harmony.

Second, we will look for an image of a landscape or photo that matches the colors established in the area to be decorated.

Third, we will have to see what type of format is appropriate with the wall area, it can be a square of 1 x 1, rectangle of 4 x 3, Panoramic Medium of 2 x 3, or Panoramic of 16 x 9.

Picture, Color and Formats

If we want to make a collage of several frames of Glass Photo Prints or Acrylic Prints, the aforementioned remains. We only have to look for several types of collages that match the format of our wall and choose one. A point to take into account is the number of frames to use, since each collage comes with a series of frames and the placement of more or less the established can produce some disharmony in the final result.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that if we vary the size of the frames. We will have to do them with each one in a proportional way, that is, all of them must increase their size according to the proportion equally. The last step that apparently is the most difficult, is the easiest of all, hanging all the frames

Tips for Hanging a Picture

Below I show you this video that will revolutionize your perspective about hanging any type of frame. Like this there are many more on YouTube, but for my criteria this is the most practical and conventional

I assure you that if you see it complete and you apply to what is shown, there will be nothing impossible that you cannot achieve with respect to the collage. I hope that the information provided will be helpful. If you want you can take a look at our website

Thank you.

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