Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Having a hobby, especially one that involves a good amount of learning as well as being creative, is one of the things that can make our lives just so much better, funnier, and more beautiful. There are many things you may want to try, but in case you cannot decide, you should give photography a try.

People is crazy about photography these days. We have our cellphones with us everywhere we go, and camera phones are just getting better every time, so we can capture the moments in our lives better. Also, social media, and apps like Instagram or Pinterest, are making photography even cooler.

One of the best things about photography, is that there’s a lot that we can do, and the creative side of it is much bigger than some people could have though at first. But it’s also hard sometimes to start taking the photos you really want to take.


Good news, with some photography tips, you can level up your photography skills, start taking photos as those you admire, and even make an extra income.

Camera vs Phone

Few things are probable more annoying or intimidating than asking someone for an advice on doing something like taking better photos, and getting a just do it or doing it more as a reply. This answer feels usually both, way too obvious, and hard to accept.

Yes, it is a little bit too obvious, but sometimes it’s easy or tempting to try to postpone the actual act of taking photos until we get our Canon, Nikon or Pentax camera; our photo editing software or until we get to the perfect place or get the right subject.

Of course those things matter a lot, but, let’s say that right now you don’t have a DSLR camera or a good mirrorless one, but you have a phone with a decent camera, you can absolutely get started with that. Watch some pictures online, and, knowing your limitations, try to take your own photos.


Photography Tips

Don’t worry about things such as your photographic style or being unique. Yes, those are important and will make your photography standout, but, just as painters, musician or writer steal from the masters first, great photographers too!

Once your personal photo gallery has grown considerably, so your photography ideas start to flourish, as well as your creativity and your technique. Take more photos, have fun, and be aware of what you can improve.

Minimalist Art

Composition Photography

   Whether photography is an art or it’s more of a technical skill or craft, that’s something you’ll decide as you become better and a passion for photography starts growing inside of you. But there’s one thing that really sets photography apart, and make some photographers, artist: Composition.

What’s composition in photography, anyway? Composing photos is basically to put some thought on the pictures you are going to take by arranging subjects, objects, backgrounds or people in a way that gives you a pleasant, balanced and, of course, a great photo.

Depending on what you are taking pictures of, the freedom of arranging things might be high, or pretty much none; but a photo is something that comes from your lenses, so you can still play things such as where you take the photo from, or what will be on the shot.


Put some thought on what you want on your photo, find interesting ways to tell a story through the photo, or just try to make the subject really standout. Composition is an important skill, and is one that beginner photographers can experiment with as they take photos.

How to Clean Camera Lens on Phone

Maybe not the most insightful of all photography tips in history, but one we should never overlooked, and heaven knows it’s easy to overlook this one.

Bring a piece of fabric that is appropriate for cleaning lenses, and always take it with you. Keep it clean, so that it can clean your lenses, and before start shooting some photos, make sure you have clean crystals.

This is one easy piece of photography advice that can make a nice different, in case you’ve been shooting with not very clean lenses. But it’s especially a good photography habit, that will save you some unnecessary frustration later on.

If you are a beginner photographer, don’t spend money on gear

We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s really important to keep our hobbies or new creative endeavors rewarding, pleasant and constantly bringing us fun new learning challenges. But we also want to keep them inexpensive.

Remember that cheap doesn’t mean low-quality, and this is absolutely the case for taking photos as well. Nowadays, chances are that you already have a more than decent beginner camera with you, and that you carry it with you all the time: Your phone’s camera.

Or maybe some relative, good friend, parent, sibling, or whatever; is already a photography enthusiast or is a working photographer, and can lend you some old but still pretty good gear. Though, her/his photography knowledge will probably be the most important she/he could give to you.

Before making a serious investment on a good DSLR, maybe a Nikon, or a Canon; you really should use what you already have to take pictures, so that you can start feeling something for the craft of photography, and you can start investing on a new camera as you understand your needs.

If that’s the case that you simply don’t have anything to develop a taste for taking photos and no one can lend you a camera, then what you can do is either acquire a new smartphone that fits your budget and features a good camera (and the options are actually plenty!), or getting something like an entry level Pentax DSLR.

New Camera


You were just told not to invest on new gear or a camera, what’s going on here? Well, the thing is not to get overwhelmed (and broke) by getting professional cameras, lenses and many other things before even really knowing why you would use any of those for.

Once you’ve already been taking photos for quite some time, say even a month, but start getting a sense of what a better camera, such as a new Canon DSLR can do for you and your photography; then it’s much safer to make the investment.

It might be quite uncomfortable to think so I could be a much better photographer but I’m stuck with this old gear because that silly blog post told me not to spend any money!?


Photography Tips

Types of Camera Lenses

The thing is that, when we don’t really know that much about what it is that we are doing, even if, in theory, we are quite knowledgeable about photography, then those extra features and freedom won’t do much. And this is true across all disciplines, not only for photography.

But, if you’ve already pass that stage of being a beginner photographer, and you have developed many photography ideas; it might be just the right time to consider buying a new camera.

For starters, you’ll find three brands that are everywhere when talking about DSLRs and good cameras: Pentax, Nikon and Canon.

One thing is true, even when it’s clear that you need to upgrade your photography equipment, and that you want to take your passion or hobby to a new level, don’t jump straight into the most expensive camera in the market.

Some professional camera models are quite expensive, really great, but sometimes we just don’t have the money. Look for advice only on the best Pentax, Canon or Nikon DSLRs for entry level photographers or even more experience. If you came from taking photos with a phone or a point and shoot; it’s good to get a feel for DSLRs first.

Photography Tips

Aspiring Photographer


 We live in a time where photography is for everyone. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, you are learning photography for beginners, or you just enjoy relaxing yourself and stimulating your imagination by watching beautiful photos; photographs are accessible for all of us.

This is mostly really positive, but one downside of digital photography is that many of the photos we take will end up in a huge gallery, and maybe never seen again.

Luckily, photo printing is still alive, and we might say, even better than ever. Have you seen glass photo printing? Being able to print images directly on beautiful glass, with the many advantages of digital photography, will allow you to keep your best photos forever, or to give them to someone you want.

Make Money With your Photos

 The internet and photography are just an amazing combination. Apart from this democratization of photography thanks to the improvements in technology and smartphones; many have also developed a love for photography altogether thanks to apps like Instagram.

But it’s not only about the easiness to share your photos with the world what makes internet and photos to go so well together. There’s also a great opportunity for professional or hobbyist photographers alike to generate some extra income, or to get photography jobs.


pexels photo 442573


One common way many photographers generate an income with photography is by selling pictures on stock photo sites. These sites allow photographers to upload their high quality photos and people might decide to buy them so that they can use them to illustrate their own content or for use in presentations.

Also, creating your own blog where you share your love and knowledge for photography can be an amazing way of making money out of photography, get people to know your world, and also make money by writing about photography.

Creating videos talking about photography is great as well, and many photographers have been able to find clients and generate income by becoming photography influencers. This will both, allow you to get famous online, and increment your credibility as a photographer.

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