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How to take excellent photos with my Smart Phone

Many people are disenchanted to take pictures with their cell phones. Today I want to share with you a secret that is not so secret but very efficient.

In our store’s Photo Prints, we had the opportunity to print photographs up to 32″ x 48″ inches off an IPHONE 7. I would say I was surprised with the image quality, and as always try to find out the secrets and then share it.

Well, there is no such secret

You just have to make sure that your Cell has no movement at the time of the Shot, if you secure it to a base or stick it would be great.

Make sure that the Flash is turned on mechanically, so we don’t give freedom to the reading sensor that interprets the clarity.

Why you ask? Because although it seems incredible, many lights like the sun produce large shadows, since the light reader tends to take stock to prevent overexposure.

If you can add to your Cell an automated system to take pictures, either with Bluetooth or with an Automatic app, would be the ideal method and you can find it in hundreds of applications.


Prints in Glass Photo Printing or Glass Picture

Last and most important, patience. Since this is the science in the face of adversity, if you want something of quality get it, all good things have a price in one way or another.

I repeat, in our business of Glass Photo Printing or Glass Picture as some call them, we have printed photos of a range of sizes that we consider large taken by a Smart Phone.

Phone v.s. Canon

We do not mean that photos from IPHONE or ANDROID will be able to surpass a photo from a 1D or 7D Mc ll Canon, but if I were to do a competition of comparison, many experts would be surprised by the image quality.

Remember that limitations are often the godmother of creativity, surprise me with a picture from your Cell.

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Thank you.

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