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Why photography lamination

Many of our customers come to our store to try and save what is left of their photograph being mistreated by weather, humidity and external factors. Hoping we can save that memory or photography from the hands of time, I confess, many times it’s already too late because of the damage received

And they ask me, how can I prevent my photos from deteriorating, what can I do to not make the same mistake? The photos that you use to decorate your home, if you want them to look radiant like the first day, laminate them in Glass or Acrylic.

Then I show them the small gallery that we have in front, where most are exposed to direct or indirect sunlight every day and look like how they were since day one.

Glass or Acrylic Picture and Laminate

It is known that all types of light, although not Solar, diminish the quality and intensity of the colors gradually, until their original tone disappears.

With our method this does not happen since the ink has UV protection, like the laminate, the Glass and the Acrylic.

What this means, is that every time the light rays hit the image or frame, they revoke them without damaging its integrity.

Another very important aspect to consider is that the lamination is superior to direct printing to glass or Acrylic. Why?


Glass and Acrylic Photo Printing

Well, the Glass as the Acrylic material being so crystalline, its level of heat adsorption is very limited.

Due to being sensitive to temperature changes, bringing with it greater expansion and contraction.

And it affects this: The ink to be attached to the Glass or Acrylic, it expands and contracts with the same frequency, causing cracks in it, which later will be noticeable.

The lamination, or Face mounted

And because the lamination is Superior: The lamination, or face mounted, will serve as a joint absorbing that space and contraction of the image.

Being printed on a paper with all the necessary properties, it assures us its quality of impression, offering us the collection of factors for greater longevity and image quality.

By the way, lamination is a whole process that leads to a result offering a better product.

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