The 5 Best Programs to Edit Photos


Programs to Edit Photos

When talking about photography, there’s still some debate among some people regarding whether taking photographs is an art or not. Talking about anything being an art is hard, and with photography it tends to be harder because when taking pictures, we capture the moment with the camera.

However, debating on whether it’s art or not is not necessary, when there a pictures that simply speak to us in the same way as the finest pieces of art does, which is enough. And this of course has to do with the skills of the photographer.

Though there’s yet another aspect, and this is editing the photos, but most importantly, doing so with the photo editing program or app that better fits the needs of the photographer or editor. For some people, this decision is a no brainer.

Choosing the Best Photo Editing Program

But there are some people who might find it overwhelming to decide among the options on photo editing software, and some just want to try something different out. Luckily, we can narrow these options enough, and make it easier to find the best program for your craft.

Choosing the Best Photo Editing Program

When it comes to software, some people may have a hard time making a decision, because there aremany great options of tools for almost anything you want to do, and this is no different for the craft of photo editing, where many programs are available.

Adobe Lightroom

However, there are two well-known names that are celebrities in the world of picture editing from the famous Adobe software company. These programs are of course Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, which are the go-to photo editors for a great amount of photographers and editors.

At the end of the day, there’s not a definitive solution for everybody, so even if Lightroom and Photoshop will probably get you covered, we’ll explore the best 5 programs to edit photos, so you can more easily decide whether one is the best for you. Here we go. 

Adobe Lightroom:

When it comes to photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom is simply the one that comes to the minds of most professional or hobbyist photographers, as well as photo editors, and there are good reasons for this.

Adobe family

To begin with, in the Adobe family, Lightroom is really focused on its task, and that is, making pictures look the way you want, that is, it really excels on what it offers, and of course, it has all of the capabilities and features one would mostly every need when it comes to photo editing.

Also, Adobe Lightroom supports RAW pictures, which most professional photographers need, and it gives a lot of great tools to create the perfect photo editing workflow with collections, keywords and other productivity benefits. And the best is that Lightroom is very accessible for newcomers, which makes it great to get familiarized with photo editing.

Also, if you ever read or hear someone saying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, don’t get mad or confuse, as this is the official name of the software, but it’s still a standalone application. 


Adobe Photoshop

Talking about Photoshop is like talking about the most prominent figures in a certain craft, and it’s just that Adobe Photoshop has evolved to become ubiquitous in the workflow of most creatives who work with visual mediums.

What makes Adobe Photoshop so pervasive and important in the creative world, is the fact that it’s not only a great photo editing software, which it was created for in the first place, but it’s an important tool for people doing graphic and web design, texturing, animation, drawing, and many other visual works.

One thing that is important to remember is that you will most likely be able to accomplish anything that you want with Photoshop, but it’s also a much more detailed piece of software, and usually most adequate for retouching pictures at a pixel level of control.

Affinity Photo

In the world of software, and more specifically, in that of picture editing software, there are many options, some for free and some paid. And as usual, the very best, or the most famous ones, usually also have a higher price tag.

Luckily, there’s usually also a less expensive alternative that is a quite good contender for the very best of its kind. And this is also the case with photo editing programs, being Affinity Photo a fair competitor of Adobe Photoshop, with a cheaper unique price.

This software is closer to Photoshop than it is to Lightroom, since it’s also a raster graphics editor; that is, it’s especially aimed for more pixel-perfect editing and image manipulation; but it doesn’t mean you cannot do what you can with Lightroom.

Its interface might be a bit more complicated at first than its Adobe competitors, but it’s definitely a good program, especially if your budget is limited.

Phase One Capture One

If Affinity Photo was a better contender of Adobe Photoshop, then Capture One (or Capture One Pro) by Phase One, is the definitive Adobe Lightroom rival; with cataloguing tools, RAW processing, as well as the presets and non-destructive workflow that make Lightroom so special.

Capture One Pro’s price tag is one of the aspects of it that makes many people to think it twice, or maybe just come back to it once they have more experience. Though you can choose to pay for Capture One in a monthly subscription, but it could potentially be more expensive. However, if you have tried other software, you could find out that this one is the right for you, and the investment will be worth it.

ON1 Photo RAW

The most exciting about the world of photo editing apps, is that, even if from the outside world, Adobe seems to be the only one solution, many alternatives keep coming for both, Photoshop and Lightroom, and ON1 Photo RAW is a very good option for what you would want Lightroom for.

Even if still young, ON1 Photo RAW comes with good cataloguing and browsing tools, as well as RAW developing. With this piece of software, you have presets and a non-destructive workflow, and probably the single most important aspect of it, you only pay for it a single time.

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