Photo Scan app.

How to make copies of photos with my Smartphone.

Next we will show you an extremely easy application to make copies of photos with your smartphone, this application is called “Photo Scan by Google Photos”.

I would dare to say that it is the most complete and easy to use application today, and most importantly, it is free.

There is a great variety of Scan Photo for smartphones, but this is the simplest, offering an immediate and excellent result.

Photo Scan app.

You just have to download the application from your Smartphone, look at its introduction steps to know how to use it, choose a photo, preferably that the photo is stopped, you should not do it with the image lying down due to shadow problems that you can produce, you continue with four points that point you the screen cursor, and voila, your copy is ready.

The most important part for any user is the gallery of a smartphone, there is a type of content when  loss  it is a disaster for any user: photographs. And, since the mobile is the device that we have more at hand, with it we end up recording all our memories, those indelible moments that, apart from remaining in memory, are immortalized in the smartphone gallery.

Photo Scan by Google photos.

Losing your phone is a nightmare, but what ends up mattering most is everything personal that is irretrievable. Photos and videos are the most delicate since, if we do not have a full gallery backup, we run the risk of losing what we wanted to preserve forever and, although recovering deleted photos is possible, it is best to always have copies of cloud security.

Google Photos Gallery

A part of smartphone users have suffered the odd scare when they discovered that they had lost part of their photo gallery (or the entire gallery). Due to an error deleting images, because some application made its own, to a blockage of your cellphone or, in the worst case, due to the loss or theft of the mobile. The contacts are usually synchronized with the phone account, the messages are in the cloud copy, and another good part of the data can be recovered just by asking other people. But as photos and videos are lost, they will be gone forever.

Therefore, if we love our memory or do not want to spend that moment of friction if our smartphone is lost, the most advisable thing is to have a copy in the cloud, which is updated periodically, offering us that security of having all our data safe.

iCloud Photos

The best way to avoid data loss is to ensure that it is constantly backed up to the cloud. This also includes all the multimedia content that is registered with the mobile: keeping a backup copy of your gallery of images that gives you the opportunity that you can always recover them even if your smartphone suffers a loss. From our own experience, and  everyone we’ve counseled, precautions are worth taking.


All iOS devices come standard with the backup active all the time, or the system asks when opening the image gallery. To check that the photos and videos are saved in iCloud, go to the iOS settings and look for the image options: the iCloud activator should appear there. Make sure no mobile data is used for backup, or mark it in case you have unlimited data, and you will never lose your personal memories. Of course, remember that iCloud offers a very limited storage space, so it may be worth it to acquire extra space, it is really worth it.


Google Photos

Google Photos comes by default on all certified Android devices, it can also be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store stores. This is a free application that uses the Drive space to store all the information in the cloud. That is, if you make a backup copy of the photos in their original quality, it will be subtracted from the 15 GB by default that your account has. But, if you decide  unlimited storage, you will have a complete backup system so you don’t have to worry about anything, not even the quality of the content.

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