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We are constantly looking for new ideas on how to renovate some areas of our house or apartment. In particular, a decoration that we can easily make ourselves and that fits a low budget! Building a wall “gallery” is a very entertaining project to do at home and an excellent way to demonstrate your creativity through art and photographs.

How to stop putting together a “gallery wall” at home? Looks great! Photo: Pinterest

If you would like to join this recent trend in decoration, follow the steps below. Gather everything you need and go, start now!

Professional Photo Prints

Remember that to build a wall, like a gallery, everything is valid. You can hang photo frames, pictures, canvases with prints or prints of memorable and fun phrases. It doesn’t have to be all the same, creativity reigns!

Remember to analyze the space and gather the pieces that will be in your gallery, to measure if you will lack items to hang …

Install each piece in the place you had already thought! To avoid using nails and materials that will make your life more complicated, in addition to damaging your wall … Use double contact tape to hang each piece. Be sure to read its instructions correctly, so that each frame is properly secured according to its weight.

And ready. The combination and decoration styles of your walls are endless. Start now!


Good Photo

Who would not like to display in his house a photo gallery so informal that it seems not to have been thought of at all and that at the same time was a sample of the good taste of the hostess in terms of decoration? Not thinking things in advance and offering samples of good taste are two almost, almost opposite concepts. That’s why here I teach you to organize your photos informally but with class.

Choose a main photo

For example, you could choose a very good photo of your children and use it as inspiration to select the other pieces in the collection. Some decorators love the idea of ​​placing that photo in the center and making it a little bigger than the others. However, others say it is not a good idea. I leave to your judgment…

Gallery Pictures

A conceptual gallery: It is a gallery that tells a story. It could be that of the couple from the moment they met, or a succession that tells with pictures how they found the house of their dreams. But only significant elements will be placed on that wall for that plot, for that story.

In the variation is the taste

To tell a story, not all photos must necessarily have a frame of the same size, or the same color, and not even the same texture. The well-organized variety will bring joy and expectation to the exhibition. And this brings me to the fourth point:

Photos with Frames

Photos with frames and something else

Following the same theme, for example the finding of the house, other elements that complement the story can be framed neatly and hung along with the photographs. For example the newspaper advertisement in which the property was found. If you can’t think of how to do it, remember those themed restaurants in which the central theme is an idol of rock or cinema: there are not only photos, but also tickets to their shows, a musical instrument, clothing, etc.

Seek or ask for help

What if the ideas to assemble your photo collection do not flow? Being able to consult this topic in magazines or decoration websites with photos is not a bad idea.

If there aren’t too many items in your collection, maybe your parents. Your partner or your friends can give you some of their photos or their “relics” related to the story. Do not hesitate to order them! You may even feel proud of being part of this collection that will surely be fun and original.



Vegetable and botanical motives. Ideal for natural, coastal or exotic environments, you can create your own paintings using pressed plant leaves, as the main ornament. Combines with accessories and textile accessories of plant motifs.

Composition of sheets in trend colors. In different sizes, formats and techniques – photography, illustration or abstract watercolor -, design an original still life of paintings, to decorate the main wall of the room, using a single color as a base. In this case, a pale pink has been chosen to coordinate with the earmuff. Dare to place the largest paintings on the floor and design a more dynamic wall.

Black and white photographs. Use frames of different sizes and moldings in white, black or steel, with or without pass-through, to create original compositions. If you prefer something more minimalist, do as in the image: only two images placed symmetrically. These types of galleries fit in the Nordic style rooms.

Shelves with pictures and books. If you prefer not to hang the paintings, you can opt for this original composition: use narrow shelves painted in the same color of the wall to exhibit different types of

Prints and Photographs

Framed paintings, prints and photographs, next to your favorite books, some converted into authentic works of art . So you can change its layout or add new items, whenever you feel like it.

Art prints and watercolors. Each illustrator has his own label that identifies him; Decorate the main wall of your dining room using a composition of original illustrations, watercolors and framed manuscript texts.

Keith Haring full color. Add a brushstroke of color to your room, using a composition of paintings by the famous illustrator Keith Haring, one of the most popular pop generation artists of the 80s. His works reflect a multitude of expressions and sensations, with which you will be able to add a dose Extra creativity to the bedroom.

Photo Gallery Design

Collection of album covers. Design the perfect gallery of a music lover or authentic fan of a music group, using the covers of framed vinyl records. Place them, perfectly arranged, on a sideboard, a console or a dresser, to create a symmetrical composition.

Tables send them in relief on canvas. The mandalas, symbolic ritual and spiritual representations used in Buddhism and Hinduism, are ideal in the walls of bocho-style bedrooms. Throw them on a blank canvas, to enjoy a more Zen bedroom.

Frames with transparencies. Create an original still life of sheets, postcards and natural motifs, such as flowers, corsages and leaves, using double glazed frames. The set of transparencies that create this type of paintings will provide lightness and naturalness to any corner of your bedroom.

In the hall

Still life of mirrors and paintings. Dare to combine different types of frames and mirrors of different shapes and finishes to dress one of the walls of the hall. You will be able to design an eclectic and original gallery, hanging recovered pieces next to others of current cut, in white, black and gold, as main tonalities.


Gallery Pap

Maps and cartographic drawings. If you like old plans or maps, you can design an original composition, to dress your hall or distributor, placing them perfectly framed, using the same type of molding, symmetrically, as a cartographic gallery. Complete with a piece of modern style design, as in the case of this photo, in which the Barcelona Chair has been chosen, created in 1929 by Mies Van der Rohe and now produced by Knoll.

In the bathroom

Floral prints a series of plates, botanical, framed in a simple way, will be the perfect resource to decorate the walls of a classic style bathroom. Use white painted wooden frames, of the same dimensions and enjoy a proportionate composition.

With his own drawings. He uses his own creations and first scribbles to decorate the walls of his room. Frame them or use a rope and tweezers.


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