Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

We couldn’t be happier for you two. Now yes, we want to see the photos, and that those photos are spectacular. You are going to show them to everyone and they will be a sign of the love you have for each other. Then you will want to save them in a photo album so they have to be spectacular.

If you are going to hire a professional photographer, sometimes it is better to guide them and give them some advice on the photos you want. That is why today we bring your ideas for photos that you cannot miss on your wedding day.

We want to immortalize the nerves of this great day. The preparation with the family around, the bridesmaids getting ready together. The bride with her family, the groom with his… We want to tell a story and it has to start from the beginning. Get photos of the details, of the bride and groom getting dressed, putting on makeup and combing their hair.

Those moments of intimacy that sisters, mothers and bridesmaids have with the bride must be immortalized. The last unspeakable nerves, the hugs of the godparents, etc. These previous moments before getting married are full of emotion and we want the photographer to capture it in the pure essence of it.

Take photos inside and outside the car. Get photos of the bride inside the car touching up the last strands of her hair. Photos of the groom’s face when he sees her appear and receives the bride from her godfather. Expressions of the guests when they receive her and are surprised with her dress.

Your bridesmaids have always been by your side and they will be no matter what happens, so don’t miss the opportunity to get the best photos of your wedding with the bridesmaids on this very special day when you are all on edge. white. Mix the witnesses of both and play to take funny photos. Make the godparents and the essential people appear in this mini session.

The family inn with the closest relatives cannot be missed. Make yourself handsome, make you laugh, let friends join and put on different postures. Get photos with the rice in the air, with the petals on your heads and with a kiss included. Then you will have very easy to choose the photos for your wedding album.

Kisses, tears and emotion will not be missing on your wedding day. Immortalize hugs with parents, grandparents and pages. Ask them to take photos of the centerpiece, of the small details of the decoration, of the people sitting down to eat… You have worked hard to make everything beautiful and that is something that should be recorded in the photographer’s camera.

Take original photos with engagement rings. They can be with the hands and the bouquet of flowers, or with the rings on the seats, or all the generations of women shaking hands showing the rings… Do something original and beautiful.

Let them kiss, let them kiss. You will not stop hearing it in your day, and you will have a thousand photos of those moments. The most beautiful kiss is usually at the exit of the town hall/church, with the rice and the petals in the air. The photo remains to frame it and put it in the living room in a painting.

Taking so long to choose the flowers as not to immortalize it in a photo. Have the pages pick it up and play with the bouquet. Or you can also make them appear in focus with you out of focus behind. The launch of the bride’s bouquet is a moment. Have the boys and girls stand behind the bride, the older ones and the children too and immortalize that fun moment. Let the children participate and give it to whoever they want. Have a lot of fun and play with everything.

There are traditions that never fail. Both the speech of the godfathers and godmothers and the cake cut by the two must have their own photo. Take a photo session with nature in the background. You are the protagonists, but the dresses and the elements of nature will have great importance.

Play with the perspectives of the shot, exchange dresses… get out of the norm and have a fun session. Make faces, put on wigs, get guests involved, etc. Get the funniest wedding photos you can imagine. It’s now fashionable to change out of your ceremony shoes and wear converse or custom prom shoes, and we love the idea. Take some fun photos of the feet before or during the dance and show that they are the feet of dancers.

You are the ones in charge of opening the wedding dance. You will have rehearsed the songs, the dance and everything for which your movements have to be recorded in videos and photos. Get photos of the group dance or of the surprise choreographies that may appear at the wedding. Although there will be many mobiles recording that moment, the quality of a good camera will be noticeable.

Thanks to the photo album, friends and family will be able to have a thousand photos of your day. Create something fun, put on costumes, wigs, mustaches and streamers and let people have fun. If you need any ideas on how to create your own, we bring you a blog that can help you create your original wedding photo album.

Repeat a photo for years with the same pose. If you have a running photo, also take it on the day of the wedding, on the honeymoon and throughout the years. Then you can tell a story in a photo album, with the same pose, but a different atmosphere. Enjoy the session and become accomplices of the photographer without stressing about anything.

We all know that the fun of weddings comes at the time of the speeches, the songs of the guests, the dances, the party and the open bar. Have photos in the photo album, photos without posing and photos until late at night

Of course, if the photographer is a friend of yours and he is going to do it with all the love in the world, it would be nice if he sees other examples of wedding photos, that he takes different and creative ideas and that you have agreed what you are looking for. your wedding album

After that great event that is a wedding, the best thing is to relax and unwind with a well-deserved honeymoon. Trips to paradises to rest, visit big cities or take that dream adventure trip.

Of course, on the way back they wait for the photos of the big day, meet the photographer and see all the photos that he gives you. Then comes your work, selecting the ones that will be part of your wedding album, which will be the one you show to your family and friends and, in the future, who knows if to your children.

It depends on the album, but generally 80-100 photos are included in a wedding album. About 1000 photos are taken at a wedding to have a wide selection to include in the album. Although it is up to each one to choose, the number of photos per page a good rule is to use 3 per page and alternate with double pages or a photo to give dynamism to the album.

Our advice when choosing photos is to make a consistent selection. Do not put all the photos that they give you. You can keep them digitally, of course, but for the album it is advisable to choose only the best and most representative ones. It can be divided into chapters.

Some photos of the bride while she is doing her makeup and hair, that moment when she is with her closest relatives. This is where many details of the dress, jewelry and accessories worn by the bride are usually taken out. Also photos of the groom waiting for the bride and photos of the arrival of the guests at the ceremony. Here there are sure to be good snapshots of the relatives, who normally greet the groom while he awaits the arrival of his future wife.

The next chapter would be the ceremony, the same as in the previous one, don’t put photos that are similar, the moment is more appreciated if you put a nice photo of the couple while the ceremony is going on, one of those in which there is a complicit look full of love and illusion. Also some of the closest relatives and of course the moment of exchanging rings. But we repeat: do not repeat scenes that are very similar.

Everyone wants to take photos with the protagonists, and yes, there are still rice or rose petal throwing, so it would also be a nice and representative photo of that moment.

One time when some of the guests can be included is the cocktail party. Here the photographer is usually taking photos of the groups that are formed and also some stolen while the bride and groom go greeting.

Before lunch or dinner comes one of the most special moments of the album. The photos of the newlyweds. The photos in which the bride and groom pose, and in which each photographer has his own techniques and style, but in any case there must be several photos of the couple in which the happiness of the moment is reflected. One of these photos is the one that you will have in your living room in a nice frame and the one that your parents and grandparents will ask you to do the same, so choose it carefully. For the album, here you can put several, some full-length and others close-ups.

The next chapter would be the lunch or dinner, in which there are usually photos of the tables, the toast and even the menu, including the cake… Then, after a long conversation, the party, which will include photos of the wedding dance, and some of the guests either dancing or in the photo album that are usually prepared with costumes, wigs, hats and glasses of all kinds.

Following these different steps and not being repetitive in the selection, you will have a fantastic album, a perfect memory for one of the most important and happiest days of your life.

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