Modeling tips for photography

Modeling tips for photography

The following series of dynamic models by professional photographer Mary DuPries delves into the details about the modeling secrets they make between modeling superstars and a photographer.

This video is a session-based primer that illustrates all the information about perfect modeling and the best modeling photography:

Management of body lines and shape design.

(the videos are organized in order from left to right 1 – 2 – 3, you can navigate between them by clicking on the images at the bottom of each video).

How do you find a model?. Your first experiences with photographing people will probably be in your own family. There you have a familiar atmosphere from both sides, which makes it much easier to start with the portrait or even with nude photography.

If you have enough confidence to approach other people, there are several ways to find a potential model.

Direct the model in public: An easy way is to approach a woman or a man on the street, by public transport, in a cafe or in a nightclub, depending on what you prefer as a model. In this case, you must have a business card at hand, optimally, you already have somewhere photos of you on the Internet, for example, flickr to show something. Because, of course, the person you mention will suspect any further reason for which to photograph is just an excuse. First, you must clear this fundamental distrust.


There are no patent recipes for the “how” of the answer. Just be natural. Most likely, he finds misunderstanding and mistrust in more than half of those mentioned. So you also have to be prepared to accept a basket. Many people fear the camera, even if you basically have to trust you as a photographer. Also, especially when it comes to erotic photos, your model needs a lot of confidence in you, of course, as to what happens next with the photos.

Attention, in a rural environment where you know each other well, it can quickly become a bad name. Likewise, in the company itself. Of course, this is especially true if it does not appear to be absolutely serious.

Register with a modeling agency as a photographer.

There are quite a few model agencies where photographers can register for free. Of course, you should also be able to show something that shows the quality of your work. In most of these model agencies you will only find exceptionally professional models, it is usually like you for amateurs who can dream of a photographic model career and perhaps even before one or the other professional in front of the camera.

On a model platform, you can choose models, write them and hope that you will ever read your email, respond and arrive at a photoshoot. You can also expect that a registered model there just look for a photographer with his style and communicate with you. You can also publish works in which, according to experience, several models will contact you. But as long as it does not offer a rate, even in the rarest case of these cases, there will be specific dates for the shots, which will then be followed by the model.

More success seems to have as a (amateur) photographer with a Facebook profile. The fact that Facebook in terms of data protection is a disaster has probably recovered in the meantime. Therefore, consider very carefully what data you reveal about yourself.

Model Contract

Without a model contract, you do not have the right to publish photos of the session (directly in the model image) or vice versa, the copyright model has the right to publish images of this session. That’s why you make a model contract.

In the amateur sector, model contracts based on PTF are the norm. TFP means Time for prints, in English: time for photos or prints.

This means that the model is investing its time, and you, as a photographer, are also investing your time, the cost of the equipment, etc., to obtain photographs. So a reconciliation of interests without financial interests.

This also means that the rights to use the photos on both sides are limited to non-commercial use only. In most cases, a model TFP contract stipulates that both the photographer and the model can use the photos entirely for their own advertising, so They may make restrictions on the transfer of use rights to third parties, for example, if the model with these photos is with a real modeling agency, the modeling agency cannot use the photos without the photographer’s consent.

A commercial use of the photos, for example, the assignment of the use rights to a client, to a photography agency, etc. They are excluded for both sides.

If an unknown model, who is not represented by a well-known modeling agency and, therefore, already has his quality test, becomes a professional photographer, he will first do a test session to find out if and how to work with this model.

If a previously unknown model gets an appointment for a test session by a well-known photographer, then you can write “by”. These photographers do not usually work with amateur models.

The triggering of the probe differs in a very important point from the model TFP contract. Both parties have no rights to the images in this case. The photographer is not authorized to publish it. The model can be very lucky if, after she has even made an appointment with a well-known photographer, she only gets deductions from the shooting.


Publication rights are excluded in this case. Taking into account the daily recommendations of well-known photographers who exceed 1000 euros, it is understandable.

If you want to use the photos not only for self promotion but also for a specific commercial purpose, you must purchase the image rights of the model without restrictions. For this you have to agree on a rate. There are no minimum sizes, here, as with most private law contracts, absolute contract freedom applies. But a fee, no matter in what amount, must not only have been agreed, but also paid, for that contract to be valid.

It is also probably evident that you do not agree with a considerable fee before a session with an unknown model, you only know how it looks dressed. Even a very pretty woman can be the absolute disappointment in front of a camera if she just continues with the cramps.

Phase One Capture One:

If Affinity Photo was a better contender of Adobe Photoshop, then Capture One (or Capture One Pro) by Phase One, is the definitive Adobe Lightroom rival; with cataloguing tools, RAW processing, as well as the presets and non-destructive workflow that make Lightroom so special.

Capture One Pro’s price tag is one of the aspects of it that makes many people to think it twice, or maybe just come back to it once they have more experience. Though you can choose to pay for Capture One in a monthly subscription, but it could potentially be more expensive. However, if you have tried other software, you could find out that this one is the right for you, and the investment will be worth it.

Contrary to expectations, the photos you have created for commercial use will be published just after the first shot. Even after filming, a real model contract can be made with a fee agreement.

Minor models in front of the camera.

For underage models in front of the camera, consider the criminal restrictions imposed by the Juvenile Pornography Act and parental sovereignty over the rights to publish images of their children. Especially in this case, it is very important that there is a model contract signed by both parents (in case of common custody). Of course, the model itself must also be signed, since after the 18th birthday of the model, the consent of the parents no longer applies, but the consent of the model. So you need both parts.

For your own safety, in order not to be accused of being falsely accused, shooting with minors should always include an adult escort.

Overrated because many expect a website to have jobs, models and the like. However, this will rarely be the case even on highly visited websites.

Underrated, because without a website, virtually nothing works. Because it doesn’t matter if in a business card or in a classified ad, you can’t do without referring to your own website.

For me, the websites are still worthwhile, with the Usenet websites I earn money directly, with the other websites that I have become quite known as a photographer and web designer a long time ago.

With a website that is placed on Google with important search terms found below, there will be almost no foreign visitors to the site. Consequently, there will be no requests. Anyone who promises inquiries and successful requests from a little known website will estimate their own website.

On the other hand, we have been accustomed to obtaining our information completely from the Web or at least searching the Internet, something we have heard or read about. If you do not have your own website, even the personal contact that was made somewhere will generally have no consequences, since no more information can be obtained.

In this tension field, you move your own website, especially if you can find one of the search results in Google with the most important keywords for the website, or at least on the first three pages.

Especially in the field of professional photography, the mistake is often made because it offers the greatest freedom of design for the website to put the website as an online Flash movie. Flash websites are not indexed by search engines. Photographers and models, who are already known and cannot be found in search engines, can afford it, but whoever wants to get the least chance of making themselves known with their website, in no case should they ignore search engines and their Requirements for websites.

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The next error is very little significant text. Finally, search engines cannot recognize what is in an image and rely exclusively on the text of a website. Pure image pages have little chance of success in search engines.

So, when planning a website, think about how important it would be for you not only to get in touch with the circle of acquaintances and by distributing business cards or classified ads, but also using the dynamics of the web for your own success. . And, on the other hand, as you said, don’t overestimate the success of your own website.

Before claiming a fee, you and the photographer must first demonstrate that you are doing well in front of the camera. And not only in front of the camera of a friend, father or other confidant, but in front of the camera of a professional. Otherwise, one laughs with the demands of fees simply.

Self-classification as a newcomer, semi-professional or professional.

Similarly, cell phone photos seem ridiculous in the profile of a model platform and self-classified as semi-professional or even professional. A professional model can show much of what professional photographers have done on their behalf, so I do not mean the photographic study of the passport that is just around the corner.

Practice without a camera

If you want to present yourself in front of the camera and you don’t have a photographer at your disposal who has the patience and empathy to work with a newcomer, then you should find out and train.

It is better to do it in front of the mirror or with the self-timer or the camera trigger after placing it on a tripod.

Unsure in front of the camera.

Virtually any person photographed feels more or less insecure in front of the camera. This can only be gradual with a lot of training.

Uncertainty can be recognized by looking at the camera,

The tight hands and the fact that the model does not know what to do with the hands, or vice versa in the typical postures of the photos, whether to make faces, put a fake smile, smile and what else there are in postures that you take almost automatically. , as soon as a camera points at you.

Just as insecurity betrays someone who produces in front of the camera.

In front of the camera, natural behavior is required, unless a photographer wants an exaggerated posture. Something is occasionally desirable in advertising as flashy. But the most successful models do not matter what they pose in front of the completely natural camera, just nice.

This can only be learned in a limited way, and modeling also requires talent that must be developed. Good looks alone is not enough. If you have talent, you can only discover it in the course of several shootings.

In no case should you be guided by the affected behavior of the mannequins. Between the catwalk and the photo studio there are worlds that rarely touch each other. Mannequins are often undesirable in front of the camera and, conversely, successful models are often too expensive for a fashion show.

It is very important to be able to walk and stand in front of the camera in a natural, relaxed or elegant way. Of course you can do that without a camera. Matching the clothes you wear, the right equipment. This is especially important for fashion photos. An elegant dress and a towel with the feet turned outward just don’t fit.

Do not be fooled by the exaggerated poses that are often found on websites where amateur models and more or less amateur photographers gather to make money with those photos. If so, look at sophisticated fashion magazines like Vogue.

Exaggerated poses are often the expression of uncertainty in both the photographer and the model

What kind of clothes am I?

The next step is to find out what kind of person you are, in what clothes and in what colors and hairstyles is especially good, and what clothes are less suitable, as well as finding half of your face that is best for a certain expression fits.

With this photo, the two different halves of the face can be shown very well. Here the original.

No one has a symmetrical face. What the yin-yang symbol describes is also reflected in the face. We all have feminine and masculine parts in us that are reflected in our face. So we have a softer and passive female face and a harder and more dynamic male half.

Is that really one and the same woman? Yes!

Right in the middle, the image was divided in half, after being rotated by 0.5 ° so that the nose was exactly vertical in the image. The layers were copied and reflected horizontally, and the two images were reassembled from one side of the face.

The young woman’s left face is dynamic, which underlines her hairstyle, the right half of her face is friendly and quite passive.

These two experimental images also show something very clearly. The asymmetry makes us beautiful, vivacious and interesting. As well as the different characters that are expressed in our personality and face.

If a model already knows which is the soft face and which is the slightly harder face before a shot, then it is much easier for the model and the photographer to take consistent photos across the length and width. What applies to the male and female part, applies equally to the apparent opposite pair of sensual and thoughtful or determined.

The better you can judge yourself and know, the more possibilities you will have in front of the camera.

Application as a photographic model for the digital photography course

For minors, the written consent of the parent or guardian is mandatory. Without a written agreement from the parents, there is no shooting date. An adult partner is expressly desired. If parents do not come with you personally, print the model contract twice before, ask them to sign it and take it to the session. In this case, bring copies of the parent identification card to match the signatures. The copies of the identity card are returned to the model, it is only a comparison of the signatures. One copy signed by me is for the model, the other for my documents.

If there is only one parent and there is joint custody, then ask the other parent to sign it before filming. Without a valid model contract, which must be present before the start of the session, it is not photographed!

If there is no shared custody, then the custodial parent must expressly confirm in writing the model contract. I want to take pictures and not deal with lawyers and courts.