How to take good photos with phone

How to take good photos with phone


Nowadays, it seems we are all in love with photography. It is not a coincidence that some of the most popular and used mobile and web apps are all about sharing beautiful pictures, either personal ones, selfies, or impressive landscapes and compositions.

This love for photos, is all thanks to the digital photography, but even more than that, it’s all thanks to mobile phones, with better cameras built into it, that have given people the power to capture moments and images wherever they are.

It’s true that mobile phone cameras are simply not as good as a DSLR camera, but this doesn’t mean that they are not quite capable already. People are taking good photos with a phone every day, and many are getting a lot of love on their social media. And you can also start taking better pictures with your phone!

Start taking more photos

This might feel a big pedantic or plain annoying of an advice to get, not only when it comes to taking good photos with phone, but whatever you are looking for. That old dreaded just do it advice that the famous actor so funnily said is always being given, but, why?

Maybe this is not your case at all, and you are looking for ways to level up your mobile phone photography because you’ve been taking many pictures, you are getting good results, people seem to love your photos; but you feel you are not doing nearly as well.

If this is the case for you, then bear for a moment up to the following advices.


Photographing more

For many people though, it’s easy to start doing something, getting interested in a craft, in the case of photography, wanting to take your own photos, inspired by the wonderful images we see online. But it’s also easy to quickly get discouraged as we notice how our photos are not as great as those we love.

Keep taking photos, lots of them, that’s one of the greatest things about having a decent phone camera available; you’ll get to practice your craft often, and soon enough, the whole world will be your subject, and great compositions will start to appear.

Just as published writers write a lot each day, musicians practice many hours, coders program every day and painters are constantly drawing and painting; in order to take great photos, whether it is with your phone or with a professional camera, you need to start by photographing more!

Getting a good camera phone


We are done with the just do it advice already, wait, not quite. There’s one more thing we should remember, and that is, to start taking more photos with your phone even if your cellphone doesn’t have a good camera.

Gear is important, but it’s too easy to focus too much on what camera, lenses, or phone you should get in order to become the photographer you want to be; and forget about the whole just do it thing.

This is not about not going on and getting a better phone, which will be so useful for your life, and, in this case, for your photography. The takeaway is to try to develop a love for photography now, with what you have available, and sooner than later, the need for a better camera phone will be apparent.

Alright, have you taken enough photos and now you are really starting to feel limited by what you could do? Great! Now it’s time to get a great camera phone.

As usual when it comes to buying, we should set a number of restrictions or limitations. Don’t worry about this, limitations are better than what we are used to believe, and, when it comes to taking photographs with your phone, limitations can actually be your best allies.

The most important thing to consider is price. Consider your real budget, the maximum you can pay for a phone, and you can start narrowing down the amount of options available to get your camera phone.

Now, the best thing to do is read reviews, and especially, look for advice online regarding specifically phones with good cameras for your budget. Even if you have a wide budget, but you would like to save a bit, many Android Phones are considerably cheap and feature great cameras.

Let’s talk about composition


 You might or might have not heard about composition in photography, but you have probably know quite well that composing a song or piece of music, is to arrange musical notes in different pitches of different instruments and times to get something musically pleasant.

Similarly, when taking photos either photography with phone or with a camera, you compose an image by arranging what is going to be in your photo, either bad directing people, moving objects or moving your phone to get the desired take.

Some people argue whether photography is an art or not. Honestly, that’s quite unimportant, since, as with other crafts such as dancing or writing, it might be art depending the intention. What matters here, is that composing photos is one of the things that makes your photos with phone standout the most.


glass picture
Photos Prints 2

Photo Glass Printing.


Give a generic story to three writers, and their stories will end up being quite different. The same happens with photographers. Not because photography is a directly taken from the real world, it means it’s all done.

Also, for sharing purposes, or just for getting a beautiful glass picture, composition will make things so much better, by allowing you to have real pieces of art to exhibit, either digitally, on social media, or bringing them to life by using photo glass printing.

Activating the gridlines on your camera app


Though still related with composition, but also a huge advantage of digital photography, using gridlines, far from being considered cheating, boring, or any other mean adjective you might think of, activating the gridlines on your camera app can help you to use the famous rule of thirds.

What this rule of thirds basically suggests, is that we should place points of interest either on the intersections, or along the lines, in order to balance the picture. And, for this, activating a 3×3 grid on your camera app is important.

Getting more balanced pictures with your phone make them much more visually appealing, and more likely for people to want to share them on your social media. And these kind of great images are perfect subjects for a fine glass printing.

Take the advantage of taking pictures with phone and use the gridlines to create visually appealing and well-balanced compositions that will make the subjects standout, and will look great once they are printed in glass.

Adjust the focus and use the autofocus at your advantage

Have you ever seen one of those great photos where the background is blurry and the subject is clearly focused, giving the photography both, a very professional and pleasant look, and a clear intention, because you know what the photographer wants to highlight.

Having a glass printed photo of one of these great uses of focus is amazing and very pleasant. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take this kind of pictures ourselves with your phone? Maybe a phone’s camera doesn’t have so many great lenses, but something good can still be done.


When taking photographs with phone, you can adjust the focus with only a tap, or using other controls, which will allow you to achieve this blurry background or blurry foreground effect that we like so much, and that looks so great on glass printing.

Phone cameras are getting more and more sophisticated every time, as they use the best of both worlds in terms of hardware (the phone’s camera itself), and software, to achieve several things with photos, and their autofocus is quite a great feature.

Though the autofocus might not be as fast sometimes, not achieving the expected result. But, why not to use this to our favor? Completely blurry photos kind be really great if we get our composition right, and printing an interesting photo is a wonderful thing to do.

Find the best material to print your phone photos

Having a smartphone is simply great, and this is not only thanks to the internet and other apps that make our lives so much easier and funnier. Camera phones are a way of taking our hobby or passion everywhere, and they allow us to capture the beauty of life.

One downside of this high accessibility of taking photos with phone, is that sometimes we take many photographs, and forget about a great majority of them, until one day we either lose them or delete them to get some extra phone space.


This is why we should not forget about the beautiful tradition of photo printing, which, nowadays, far from being obsolete, is getting even better, giving us the possibility of not only covering a printed photo with glass; but printing the photo on beautiful glass.

Get a phone with a good camera and with good resolution quality, and enjoy of the pleasure of taking great photos where you go with your cellphone. And, after a good photography session, glass print your favorite photos, to keep them forever, or give them to someone special.