How to Make a Collage

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How to Make a Collage on Glass Pictures

Venice Style

How to Make a Collage 1

How to Make a Collage

How to Make a Collage Frames in a very easy manner? Just choose the style that you like the most, select the sizes of each frame, create the order with the different sizes that you selected, and in a few days you will have it at home.

The Venice Style covers a width of 68” by 36” in height. This includes a space between frames of 2”.

The Venice format is one of the friendliest and requested for its versatility and visual balance.


Sizes required for this collage / 16 " x 24" / 12' x 18" / 20" x 30" / 13" x 20" and 10" x 14".

68" width by 36" height

California Style

How to Make a Collage 2

What are the advantages of a Collage with Photo Glass Printing? The Collage with photo glass prints gives you the opportunity to show multiple images on a single wall with no limit. You also have the opportunity to vary it with the same images as many times as you want, altering their rotation or position, showing off the renovated scenery.

In the world of decoration, the Collage is named as informal, but at the same time harmonious, because it gives that familiar, environmental, or descriptive feeling.

To create your own collage, you only need a group of photos that harmonize with each other. The color combination is very important, for example, if you decide to choose a group with

Sizes required for this collage / 16" x 24" / 10" x 14" / 20" x 30" / 12" x 18" and 15" x 20"

73" width by 39" height

Virginia Style

How to Make a Collage 3

Each collage has its own mystique, nothing is written or said, everything will depend on the intention of the creator and their design intention.

If you have a wall that you want to decorate with a photo, and the wall needs a very large painting for its decoration, a collage with photo glass printing is the solution, because it covers a larger area, has a greater variety, and tells a story.

Isn’t it a shame that photos often remain stored in a computer, tablet, or mobile phone?

We can do so many things with them like decorate a corridor, a room, that special corner with our photos.

Sizes required for this collage / 8" x 10" /13" x 20" / 16" x 24" / 10" x 14" and 15" x 20".

68" width by 27" height

Summer Style

How to Make a Collage 5

Take those photos of family, friends, or those special moments and harmonize your home with your history.

Do not let time erase those beautiful memories which are only yours. The memory of your child or grandson, a birthday, all those unforgettable moments, and bring them back to your home.

How to Make a Collage

Our collage Styles bring that harmonic informality that decorate your home in a pleasant way. Its classic styles offer you a great variety of designs, where there are no limits since you can create your own.

Sizes required for this collage / 13" x 20" / 13" x 20" / 13" x 20" / 10" x 14" / 10" x 14" / 8" x 10"and 8" x 10"

64" width by 30" height

Sabrinha Style

The plastic arts have become one of the many means of expression that man has to channel his desire to communicate feelings, emotions or simply to portray what happens around him.

Art is fundamentally a means of expression. Each person can discover their ideal medium, be it painting, modeling, drawing or taking photographs. The important thing is that through these techniques we let out part of who we are, of our particular way of being in the world and of telling what we see.

Sizes required for this collage / 15" x 20" / 20" x 30" and 15" x 20"

60" width by 38" height

The photo collage on glass it is the best idea to protect and display your photos, It offers us image protection, better resolution, guarantees its durability infinitely, and it is where you can best show those unforgettable moments.


Collage is a work of art made with various materials such as paper, newspaper, photographs, fabric, and other objects that you find. Some modern collages are made by placing electronic images on a digital background.

You could also gather cut-out images and texts to stick on the paper. For a more unique approach, repurpose items like sand, shells, and plants by gluing them onto paper. Only your imagination puts a limit on collages, so work with all kinds of materials to create a fantastic work of art.