Christmas represents one of those high points in the decorative calendar of all houses. Take note of our ideas and these holidays, dare with new and original staging.

Christmas brings unique moments and one of them is precisely to decorate the house to receive it. The time has come to dust the boxes and take out the crowns, balls, garlands and other typical appraisals of these dates to get down to work and that your home does not lack any Christmas details.

If you want to live Christmas in full it is almost mandatory to decorate to the smallest corner, from the hall to the table through chimneys, doors and windows. Not even the packages that Santa Claus leaves under the tree will get rid of the Christmas fever, we discover the specific accessories to wrap your gifts. To the trends in traditional decoration are added new proposals perfect for houses of all types and sizes (including trees for floors of very few square meters) and ideas of fun Christmas decoration for children.

Decorate the tree

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the tree does not lack light. Start by putting a garland of lights to make your tree shine. Go placing it from top to bottom. In two colors You do not need more to be beautiful. With only two colors you achieve a very elegant effect. Bet on tradition. The balls and the tip star are a classic. Choose them correctly. Do not forget the base. Boxes wrapped with wrapping paper and ribbons will help you hide the tree stand.

White Christmas

If you are a Nordic style fan, you are in luck at these parties because one of the base colors of Christmas is white. Choose figures, objects, candles, etc. in this color and combine them with details in silver or gold, not forgetting to add some natural green touch. It is the Christmas decoration in its purest state.

Christmas showcases

Take advantage of the windowsill of any window to improvise a small Christmas window. Place your favorite decorative pieces there or dare with a composition of several of them playing with shapes, sizes and colors.

Break traditions

Who said Christmas balls should always be hanging from the tree? Make a selection of those that you like the most and clear them in a transparent container as a centerpiece or on a piece of furniture. The more different, the more beautiful it will be. Play with the same tones, it will be more elegant.

Decorate the base of the tree

We never remember the nothing aesthetic legs of our artificial Christmas tree. Always remember to hide them with some themed textile or even paper with Christmas motifs. If the tree is natural, do the same with the pot.

Tables with happy messages

If you are one of those who flees from the formalities when dressing the table, neither will you do it for more Christmas than it is. Stay with this table runner with a multilingual message included to congratulate the party. It is not the classic linens of large family events, but it looks equally beautiful, current and practical. What?

A festive frame

The house is full of guests these days and you want your photographs to look more than ever. Make a selection, distribute them to your air and improvise a frame in the form of a golden dry branch that simulates joining them. On a white wall it will stand out a lot and put the festive touch on the wall you choose.

Not without my tree

If your house has limited square meters, don’t sacrifice your desire to have a Christmas tree. Obviously, its size will be small but choose to place it high on a stool or a side table and you will see how it looks much more.

Welcome Christmas

Make it clear that it is Christmas from the door of your house. Place a candle inside a beautiful glass lantern, so you will avoid it going out and, at the same time, the flame will always remain in sight. Complement the presentation with a fir branch so typically Christmas.

Do it yourself

Bet this year to change the image of your Christmas tree. Sign up for this simple DIY we show you. A simple branches of various sizes and a cord are enough. Props are a thing of your creativity and good taste. As simple as this and as original.

Delicious Scenarios

With this staging it is shown that celebrating Christmas does not know of preset environments and the celebration tastes and looks just as good. The authentic rural flavor of this barn wisely combines chairs of different designs with a natural wooden table of minimalist lines. Good taste is served.

In version for kids

Who said that Christmas decoration is limited to the most social spaces of the house? Especially in children’s rooms, the winks to these parties are not lacking in the form of small details Decorative Because in the end it is they, the children, who make these days special, full of magic.

Different wrappers

Replace the classic gifts wrapped in beautiful paper packages with round metal or cardboard boxes of festive designs and bright colors with a lid. It is a different and elegant way to present gifts. In addition, the box can then be reused.

When there are children in the house, colors are considered essential to get their attention. To the tradition of leaving the gifts wrapped in cheerful papers at the foot of the tree, why not replace the traditional Christmas hanging ornaments with colored balls that will delight the little ones?

Details Served

Take care of all the details. If to decorate your Christmas table you have chosen mistletoe branches between the plates and even for the individual napkin ring, also note the detail of putting some twigs hanging from each chair. Your guests will be surprised.

Rustic handmade fir

You have a country house or you love the rustic style and you are looking for a different, original Christmas tree. Do not think more. Get a ladder like the one in the picture and take advantage of the steps to hang the ornaments with laces of different colors. The fir branch that the crown gives the final clue.

In every corner, a message

Leave happy messages throughout the house for these holidays. You can write them by hand in your handwriting or look for fonts that you like on your computer. Place them strategically and on the most diverse supports. Change your location, write new ones, as the days go by. Surely you start more than a smile to your visits.

Show off Christmas delicacies

In the same way that you dress and decorate your house for the holidays, you have to do the same with the table that these days shows its best clothes. Find pieces of kitchenware according to your style and do not leave anything to chance because there are Christmas motifs and for each gastronomic proposal you offer.

Alternative decoration

We could not resist the proposal of this alternative Christmas tree. As simple as a wooden plank (or cardboard) in the form of a triangle and a cord (or rubber) that crosses it in different directions serving as a support for Christmas cards. They make decorative elements here.


Light up your party evenings

Candles are a must in any Christmas environment, whatever your style. There are in such an infinity of finishes, but what is clear is that the table is a location that should not be missing. Small ones placed in different transparent containers or reflecting the light of the flame, splashing the table are recommended. Of course, avoid scented.

Christmas floats in the environment

We know that the table is the center of all eyes during these holidays. That is why we should not skimp on decorative proposals. Dare with these hanging mobiles of Christmas motifs that seem to float on the table thanks to their almost transparent threads. Place them at different heights, you will enhance their festive visual effect.